Q: Is there a fireproof ceilings and do you supply them?

A: Yes there is fireproof ceilings and we do supply it, we can assist with any types of ceilings for installations and repairs.

Q: Do you do free quotes on ceiling installations and repairs?

A: Yes we do offer free quotations as well as site inspection

Q: How long does it take to install a new ceiling?

A: This is all dependent on what ceiling is being installed and how large the area is.  Your ceiling company will be able to give you an estimated time when it shall be finished.

Q: Can you do customised ceilings?

A: Yes we do offer customised ceilings.  We will bring through a catalogue so that you can see what we supply and what we can offer to have a customised ceiling.

Q: How much does it cost to replace a ceiling?

A: Pricing differs for each ceiling and what job is required.  There are many different designs of ceilings and each come at their own cost.  We advise to ask us what are the most cost effective ceilings and which we would recommend. Pricing does differ as materials are different on each type of ceilings.  This also applies to repairing a ceiling, not all ceilings are the same so pricing will differ.  We provide you with free a free quotation.

Q: Why is my ceiling sagging?

A: A ceiling sagging may indicate that there is a water leakage within the roof or a leakage from the geyser. Contact us so we can come out and do an inspections of what is causing the roof to sag.